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No More Jimmy Wales

A simple Safari Extension to hide the Jimmy Wales banner, which for some pepole, keeps re-appearing.
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Gmailto: is a Safari 5 extension that makes webpages with mailto: links Gmail-friendly.
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virtualhost.sh is a shell script for Mac OS X (10.3 - 10.6) that lets you create local virtualhosts for the built-in Apache server to serve development sites.
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Proteus Emoticons

Here you will find my emoticon set(s) for the greatest Instant Messaging client ever: Proteus. I've always like making icons, so now I have a good reason to make them!
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Bitmovers Maui

Bitmovers Maui is a project I worked on four about two years for my previous employer, Bitmovers. In short, it is a system whereby one develops applications written in Java which can automatically be deployed to Web, WAP, and Palm browsers.
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Streaming Media Calculator 1.5

Streaming Media Calculator 1.5 is a Macintosh application to aid you in calculating what sort of bandwidth needs your streaming media will need...
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QTpi is a quality assurance tool originally designed to provide organization to...
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Simple Games

One weekend, Chris Knight and I developed some cute little Java games. We spent two days and three nights...
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