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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The domready event for Prototype

I've been a Mootools user for a while, but Prototype was a better fit for a project I was working on. Mootools adds the domready event to the window object which fires when the DOM has finished loading. This is a lot nicer than window's built-in onload event which fires after everything has loaded including images, stylesheets, etc.

When I started with Prototype, I could not find the equivalent, and Google searches came up with other people's add-ons for Prototype to bring this functionality in. I tried a few that I found, and I couldn't get any to work reliably. I modified the best code I found, merging some ideas from Yahoo's YUI library and eventually got it working. The other day, however, I found that Prototype actually does have this already built-in; it's just that it's part of the document object, and has a different name: dom:loaded. To use it, you do:

document.observe("dom:loaded", function() { alert("The DOM has loaded!"); });

Here's the link to Prototype's documentation on this.

Posted at 11:25
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